The ACE 1 energy system is an integral energy solution for Bottom-of-Pyramid households. The device symbiotically pairs thermal and electric generation to provide a clean, smokeless cooking experience, while also giving users access to electricity for charging and lighting. This enables the energy system to have the positive impact of an improved cookstove, with the essential electrical functions of a solar home system.

  • Uses 50-85% less fuel
  • Comes distributed with a 10V/10W solar panel and an LED lamp attachment
  • Has the cleanest multi-fuel cooking functionality in the world. It minimises smoke emissions to a negligible level to mitigate the negative health effects of household air pollution
  • Runs on any available biomass (crop residue, animal waste, or small sticks), thus displacing the need for energy-dense harvested wood or charcoal
  • Accessible on a flexible micro-loan, allowing customers to repay the investment using the energy cost savings achieved with the product


We are committed to maximising the benefits we offer to the local communities we operate in. A big part of this is local manufacturing.


Made in Africa

We are proud to say that the ACE 1 is made in Africa, for Africans, and we want to continue down this path by developing new facilities in the other markets in which we operate.



Our flagship factory is based in Maseru, Lesotho. We employ 35 staff on the production line, and an additional 30 in admin and sales roles. With this format, the plant's current capacity is 3000 ACE 1 units per month.



We maintain a 50% gender split in all our operations, and 20% of factory positions are filled by individuals with disabilities.

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of customers interviewed have stopped buying paraffin


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average savings on energy expenses


of customers interviewed say they no longer need to spend money on energy

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