The ACE 1 is a solar-biomass hybrid that uses one LiFePO4 battery to power a ventilator creating clean biomass combustion, as well as to give users access to solar electricity for mobile charging and lighting.

In 2018 we upgraded the ACE 1 to have ‘smart’ capabilities. The new product comes distributed in a bundle with a smartphone with our proprietary Android ACE app pre-installed on it. This innovative pairing unlocks new, exciting features:

Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) model

The new ACE 1 can be remotely switched on/off. This means customers can make flexible, incremental repayments to activate the system's functions for an equivalent period of time, until the full amount of the investment is paid off. Our data shows that energy cost savings are so significant (83%), they can be used cover the value of the monthly instalment, making the ACE 1 available to any household, regardless of income.

Quantification of social and environmental impact

Once customers connect their smartphones to the ACE 1, it communicates back to our database with unit activity data. This allows us to better quantify the impact of the ACE 1, and creates unprecedented transparency into the energy consumption habits of off-grid households, on whom little data is currently available. It is important to note that we maintain the highest levels of security and privacy in our system to protect user data.

Improved customer service delivery

The ACE app makes it possible to gain a direct channel of communication with customers. We can get notified about product malfunctions in real time, even before customers get in touch with our representatives. This allows us to extend timely, high-quality maintenance services and maintain close communication with customers all throughout the process. We can also update our customers about new products and services that fit their energy needs.