ACE Global Policies

The ACE company culture is informed by international and national policies and standards of operation as well as the company’s core values listed as: Respect, Quality, Equality, and Honesty.

ACE Global Code of Ethics

This Code sets forth the basic principles for the employees of ACE and codifies standards reasonably designed to deter wrongdoing. Such a Code will focus management on areas of ethical risk, provide guidance to staff to help them recognise and deal with ethical issues, and help to foster an awareness of the ACE’s obligations to employees, customers, other stakeholders and the general public. Read more about our Code by clicking the button below.

ACE Data Security Policy

ACE takes data privacy and data security seriously as we recognise the responsibility of managing sensitive customer and employee data. As an ACE Employee, you are required to read the following Data Security Presentation and subsequently agree to the data security policies in the Google Form. Alternatively, you can also watch the video that explains data security at ACE instead of reading the presentation. Please have a look at what data security means for your role. If you mainly work in the office, or in a management position, look at the data security for ‘Office Employees’. If you directly work with customers and through your phone/tablet, read through the data security for ‘Field Employees’.