ACE's Score 2017-2020 (highest in Benelux)

Highest Score in Europe 2020

ACE's Score 2021

African Clean Energy recently spent quite some months recertifying with the B Corp Assessment and we are so proud to announce that ACE has recertified as a B Corporation with an amazing 179.8 points. We’re so grateful to the B Lab analysts who worked tirelessly to verify that we do indeed make it our goal to build this business in alignment to our core mission and for the benefit of ALL the stakeholders! It is no easy feat to complete the assessment, or the verification, but what an amazing result!

When we jokingly set ourselves the challenge in the B Lab Europe New Years webinar to become the highest scoring in Europe, we certainly hadn’t expected to add a whopping 30+ points to our score. We hope that we can continue to raise the bar, both internally and for other organisations.

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